• Voice Messaging
  • Long press "Hold to Talk" button for the duration of your voice message. When done, release to send the message
  • Send photo/ video
  • Send real-time photos or videos, also pictures from the local gallery
  • Location
  • Real-time location, let your friends easily find you
  • Emotions
  • Enjoy vivid emojis, make your Talk more exciting
  • Group chat
  • Create a group, add your buddies, make Talk no longer simplification
  • SMS invited
  • Send SMS to invite more friends to enjoy Talk
  • Handcent Talk (for Windows Phone) is free instant messaging services application. It supports span-communication operators, cross-operating system platforms across network (WIFI/ Mobile data traffic) to send messages, including voice messaging, video, picture and text. It is more flexible, intelligent and saving money. With Handcent Talk, you can chat with anyone, anytime, anytime. Enjoy the fun of Talk. Now, it is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. Handcent Talk for Windows Phone support devices with Windows Phone 7.1 platform.
Lasted Version:   [ 2013-04-10 ]   Requires WP 7.1 and up
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Ver   2013-04-10
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