Changelog for Android
  • Ver 6.7 [ 2015-10-26 ]
  • More powerful backupBack up more (messages, private box, settings, scheduled task)with less(storage). More efficiency with only one cloud back upBack up automaticallyRecycle BinCould management Unleashed is the completely redesigned backup feature with new look and improvedservice.Back up more things more efficiently with less storage.Back up automatically. All you selected messages will be synced to the cloud.Recycle bin is included, you can recycle messages in case you deleted them by accident.Cloud management lets you manage your data with ease and efficiency. Imoji IntegrationBring to you the native Imoji sticker that lets you send anything you like in the form of sticker.imoji is the only sticker platform that offers comprehensive keyword search. Browse our database or tap a popular category to uncover new content and enhance an everyday interaction. Surprise and delight users when they discover imojis even for the most niche search terms.Handcent is working hard to provide you the best service, if there’s any issue with our app, feel free to give us feedback within the app. You can also contact us via Email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Ver 6.0 [ 2014-08-06 ]
  • > Redesigned user interface:
    We made a big UI overhaul to our user interface. Most components have flattened to look more modern. Also, contacts that don’t have a profile pic now will get a colorful avatar.(This only applies to the default skin) Hope you will like the new look.
    > Navigation drawer:
    Navigation control is changed for the better as well. We add a navigation drawer which provides quicker access to all the major functions. One slide from left to the right, the drawer will be open with all the options.
    > Handcent Anywhere:
    We are happy to announce Handcent Anywhere, a service that allows you to text on computers and tablets. No matter what operating system you are using, a PC or a Mac, as long as you have a browser and internet access, then you will be able to text on the web. It can be extremely useful if you are at home or in office. You don’t have to constantly check your phone while using your computer. Besides you get to utilize the bigger screen and physical keyboard for faster texting.
    How to use Handcent Anywhere
    On your phone: slide to the right to open the navigation drawer, tab Handcent Anywhere. In it, turn on Handcent Anywhere, give your cellphone a name.(you can use multiple cellphones, but only one device can be used at a time) This will be the ID when you try to connect on the web. (When you have more than one cellphones(numbers), each one should have a unique name)In the browser:
    Go to Handcent Anywhere’s official site: Log in your account.(Create a new one if you don’t already have one). Make sure the Handcent Anywhere is enabled in your cellphone, select the phone you want to use on the web. Now you can start texting. Also, don’t forget to upload your contacts to our server, otherwise all your contacts will appear in number format.
    > Notification Center
    Also added a notification center, you will be informed of our new features, bug fixes, and new discount.
    >Full Android Support
    Fully compatible with all versions of Android(Include Android L and Kitkat 4.4.4)
  • Ver 5.4 [ 2013-12-24 ]
  • New skin for Christmas 2014

    New Greeting card for Christmas and New year.Beautiful,funny&custom,click Ecard icon at handcent services window

    Improve android 4.4 support (fixed duplicate message, date time at Motorola android 4.4 phone)

    Improve security of privacy box and new password style option

    Fixed some known issues

  • Ver 5.3 [ 2013-11-02 ]
  • Support Android 4.4 KitKat

    Fix notification issue

    Add local skin list,switch skin offline

    Korean language pack updated

  • Ver 5.2.5 [ 2013-10-28 ]
  • New Skin Halloween 2013

    New Handcent Ecards for Halloween 2013

    New Skin (MIUI Style,Windows Phone Style,Sense5 style)

    Improve Vcard Support

    Improve MMS support for Korean

    Fix area code issue when compose new message

    Fix some known issue

  • Ver 5.1.5 [ 2013-09-12 ]
  • Fixed popup not showed at some phones and fixed send emoji from popup

    Improve MMS support

    Add new quick compose option,we can launch quick compose from notification bar now

    Add more notification icons

    Fixed handcent online login on some phones

  • Ver 5.1.3 [ 2013-09-10 ]
  • Fixed receive group messaging issue

    Fixed keyboard display at popup window

    Spell Check feature worked now!!

    Display fast and less lag at high resolution phones

    Fix issues that report at

  • Ver 5.1.2 [ 2013-09-06 ]
  • Display fast and less lag at high resolution phones

    Fix issues that report at version 5.1

    Improved "Send"Button and Panel

  • Ver 5.1 [ 2013-09-04 ]
  • New Lock pattern for privacy box and new "auto backup" feature for privacy box

    Improve Mms support

    Add new Skins (ICS and Samsung)

    Improved battery usage and app is solid and less force close than previous

  • Ver 5.0.3 [ 2013-07-31 ]
  • Optimized for Android 4.3

    Add spam message blocker for Handcent Talk

    Fixed personal background setting

    Add new notification icons

    Fixed progress icons settings

    Fixed contact name or picture not showed at some phones

    Fixed crash that using language packs

    Improve Mms with Cricket

    Fix some known issues

  • Ver 5.0 [ 2013-07-25 ]
  • The new user interface, more convenient and friendly operation!

    Contains 25 skins, including the new IOS7 and Sense interface beautiful skin

    The new backup features, support SMS, MMS scheduled backups, and will support more features

    For the Android4.x optimization, a smoother operation

    New contacts selection module, use more convenient

  • Ver 4.5.2 [ 2012-10-26 ]
  • Add new skin and eCards for Halloween,install Halloween2012 skin and send eCard from handcent online services Now!

    Add "Show notification text" option (hide notification item at notifcation bar)

    Update language packs

  • Ver 4.5 [ 2012-10-19 ]
  • Support iOS6.0 Emoji,add many funy icons,please update Emoji Plugin also

    Improve swype keyboard support

    New Handcent talk features,battery save options and add buddy confirm

    Handcent talk for Appsotre and windows phone has been released,ask your friends download and free messaging with handcent talk

    Fix send sms issue on some phone

    Fix group sms plugin for JB (android 4.1)

  • Ver 4.4 [ 2012-08-17 ]
  • New HelloKitty,cute!

    Improve scroll speed at main windows

    Full support android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and support new notification style of 4.1 that preview MMS picture directly at notification bar and so on

    Add "Notify after downloaded" option,better MMS receive experiment,you can preview picture at pop up directly,useful for Emoji MMS,Needn't click "View MMS" anymore

    Improve MetroPCS and Boost Mobile MMS support

    Contact sugggestion list support display contact picture now

    Improve battery usage

    Fix known issue

    Updated Korean translation

  • Ver 4.3.8 [ 2012-07-17 ]
  • New Childhood skin,funny!

    Improve send MMS from sprint network

    Fix send failed sometimes

    Fix US Galaxy S3 LED support

    Fix some known issues

  • Ver 4.3.5 [ 2012-07-11 ]
  • New London Olympic 2012 Skin,COOL!

    New version of Emoji plugin,smooth scroll and easy to use

    Enhanced Mms picture support,send picture with orignal orientation

    Fix can't receive notifcation issue on some phones

    Fix need resend message issue on some phone,please update group sms plugins

    Update Slovak Translation

    Add a faq item for send emojis between carrier at US.

  • Ver 4.3 [ 2012-06-29 ]
  • New Doodle feature,draw freely by your figurer and send it to your friends

    Charm notification for new HTC phones(Rhyme,Rezound)

    New basketball skin

    Fix froyo contact list issue

    Fixed Timestamp issue at privacy box for motorola phones

    Fixed GroupSMS plugin

    Update french & greek language plugin

    Fix some known issue

  • Ver 4.2.3 [ 2012-05-20 ]
  • Improve support for motorola phones,fix duplicate receive messages at verizon network sometimes

    Fix blur background issue at Motorola Droid4 or Razor

    Fix an issue when sending message from privacy box

    Fix froyo contact list issue

    Improve support for HTC sense phones when using group feature

    Improve handcent talk network connection

    Improve search feature

    Update swedish language pack

  • Ver 4.2.0 [ 2012-05-08 ]
  • Fix contact list issue at some android 2.3.x phone

    Add capture screen feature for conversation and conversation list.

    Fix double message at some motorola phone when using verizon

    Improve conversation load

    Add an new way to link handcent talk phone number

    Improve handcent talk network connection

    Added Norwegian language. Language Pack can be downloaded in Google Play. Thanks to Feffe Eriksson aka Zilwerz

    Fix select group contacts for ICS

  • Ver 4.1.0 [ 2012-04-17 ]
  • Add Block/Unblock feature to HC Talk to counter Spam and unwanted messages

    Added option to unlink number for your account; Users may re-link their account with the same number, another number, the same device, or another device at any time.

    Optimized group chat

    Improved battery usage

    Long press send button allows switch between SMS/MMS and Handcent Talk modes

    Added option to Display/Hide number in title bar of conversation window

    Optimize send/receive MMS feature for Sprint network; Fixed sending SMS messages over 160 characters for Sprint-Samsung devices\

    Improved Verizon 6250 support

    Improved Group MMS with iPhone

  • Ver 4.0.0 [ 2012-03-26 ]
  • Main update of handcent,include universal messaging with Handcent Talk services and new style user interface 

    Handcent talk service,send FREE message/picture to Android ,iPhone users easily,fast and security,just register free and login with your Handcent account,add buddy then Handcent Talk today!  COOL!

    Universal messaging that send classic SMS/MMS and Handcent Talk with contact in one converstaion

    Support ICS+SGS2,won't send double messages

    Visual custom popup

    Support Group mms with iPhone,useful for US networks  COOL!

    Support sort conversation by different style

    First version of Handcent SMS for jailbreak iPhone released also,Download from cydia to get advance feature as Android at your iPhone COOL!

  • Ver [ 2011-11-07 ]
  • Full support Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Now! COOL!

    Fix the voicemail support for sprint

    Faster thread deletion

    Fixed android market link  (please update to to get the correct market link for plugins)

    Update main application and Emoji plugin to support iOS 5.0  COOL!

  • Ver [ 2011-10-09 ]
  • Fix the led issue

    Add Slovak language support

  • Ver 3.9.9 [ 2011-10-05 ]
  • New Handcent Gallery service,you can save pictures online. COOL!

    Update handcent greeting services,now we can share greetings to other handcent users

    Improve the support for new version of DroidX,Droid3 system

    New green android skin. COOL!

    New chinese text to speech and speech to text plugin that provide by IFTEK. Highly recommend

    Handcent SMS 4.0 coming soon. COOL!

  • Ver [ 2011-08-22 ]
  • Changes to the Contact List window that simplifies contact selection and speeds up messaging  COOL!

    Version update to Handcent themes

    Added Default Messaging Option and work with sprint network

    Fixed lost Recent List for Emoji following reboot

  • Ver [ 2011-08-01 ]
  • Fix hebrew language pack support

    Fix force close issue at part of samsung phone

    Add Slovak SMS Mode

  • Ver 3.9.8 [ 2011-07-29 ]
  • Fix voice mail issue for Sprint user

    Fix CPU usage and some force close &wait issue when MMS

    Add Hebrew and Czech language support

    Add an new Skin(Sliver)

  • Ver 3.9.7 [ 2011-07-20 ]
  • Fix force close at some Asus phone type

    Improve display the datetime of recipient sent message

    Fix some other known issue

  • Ver 3.9.6 [ 2011-07-18 ]
  • Improve group sms feature,now it is fast to send 100+ group sms. COOL!

    New 2.0  version of hadncent online website,beautiful and poweful,you can share funny sms or greeting sms to all handcent user through handcent text online now(visit  http://my.handcent.comCOOL!

    Support display timestamp of people sent the message now (classic android only include the timestamp that you received message normally).long press the message that you received,choose "view message detail" ,there has additional information COOL!

    Improve handcent text ,now you are share your greeting or funny sms  to handcent online  and vote Now(settings->handcent services->handcent texts)

    Add support for dual network phone type

    Add spell check feature to full editor window

    Add Serbian language support

    Fix Android 1.5 support and some known issues

  • Ver 3.9.5 [ 2011-06-21 ]
  • New group sms helper plugin,you can real group sms now(work around android 100 messages/hour limitation).you can install plugins from "settings"->handcent services->handcent group sms. COOL!

    Improve Mms+ feature,now you can more easy to attach and download high resolution picture and full quality video from handcent Mms+ network. COOL!

    New Default Messaging application option can full replace stock messaging app and work independently

    Full work (SMS & MMS) with  Korean  SKT version of Galaxy S and SGS2  ( please enable Default Messaging application option manually)

    New Led plus option,help you change Led color,frequency for rooted phone(Android 2.3.3 on Evo,Desire,Incredible)

    Support Led color for Sidekick4g

    New message counter style

    New Delay send option,you can cancel after click send. COOL!

    New Darkness skin

  • Ver 3.9.2 [ 2011-06-05 ]
  • Supported LED for Evo 2.3.3 update

    Improve DroidX and cliq2 LED support

    Add two NEW Summer Skins (Summertime ,Fish & Flower) COOL!

    Fix LG GW620 (Android 1.5) support

  • Ver 3.9.1 [ 2011-06-01 ]
  • Fix LED support for Droidx 2.3.3 update

    Improve text input box and full editor

    Revert Contact picture to large picture mode

    New schedule type,Support yearly and Every (X) day

  • Ver 3.9 [ 2011-03-29 ]
  • Schedule SMS & MMS, messages! Very powerful and easy. COOL!

    "Handcent Group" feature for better group messaging

    New full editor feature,easy compose long sms or for people who would like a larger font when composing messages. COOL!

    Add new options for Popup window that now supports the new lock screen of Froyo devices

    New issue report and suggestion menu item,you can now report force close issues and give suggestions from handcent directly

    Support MMS messaging on Sprints 4G Network

  • Ver 3.8.2 [ 2011-03-26 ]
  • Fix density issue when you set it manually

    Support SMS to email gateay for US carrier

    Fix some force close issue

    Improve menu style

  • Ver 3.8 [ 2011-03-19 ]
  • Move multi languages support to external language package,so handcent main app is more smaller than before and handcent will support more languages. COOL!

    New privacy box feature, you can now hide threads using the new password protected privacy box, private conversations won't be read(or be made visible) by other messaging apps(stock, 3rd party, etc.). You even can sync part of private conversations with handcent online. you can click "menu" button at handcent main window,choose "more"->"privacy box"  or click "star" button at handcent main window,choose menu item ("privacy box" ) COOL and Highly Recommend

    New cool menu style.Support new type of dual network phone

    New Metal skin. COOL!

    Support new languages,include Japanese,Arabic,Hungarian

    Fast load and fix some known bugs 

  • Ver 3.7.9 [ 2011-02-23 ]
  • Fix black screen (lower brightness) at some phone type

  • Ver 3.7.8 [ 2011-02-22 ]
  • New super clear MMS technology.great improved iphone and blackberry compatibility and keep the picture that you sent from handcent with best quality,better than stock  COOL!

    Add default smileys items

    Add category for handcent theme online,easy choose theme

    New night mode option for brightness

  • Ver 3.7.5 [ 2011-02-08 ]
  • Speed at launch and  fast load even you have thousands of contacts. COOL!

    New Skin,eCard,beatuiful and romantic. COOL!

    New handcent greetings,handcent text for Valentine's Day

    Fix delivery report for new phones

  • Ver 3.7.2 & Emoji Plugin 1.1 [ 2010-11-29 ]
  • Support send emoji to AT&T iphone Now!  and more easy to send emoji to All android phone at US.please update handcent & emoji plugin both. COOL!

    Emoji Plugin 1.1 fix andorid 1.5 support ,now ,it work on all android 1.5 phone

    Imporve blacklist manager,you can add phone number directly or select blacklist number from contacts or CallLog. COOL!

    Improve group send

  • Ver 3.7 [ 2010-11-28 ]
  • Handcent add Emoji support for all android phone now,COOL! you can send funny emoji icons to iphone and android phones that install handcent and emoji plugins.(Try insert smileys ->emoji )  SUPER COOL!

    New Handcent Box services,save your important messages instantly and view them anytime,anywhere.Needn't worry about lost phone or system reset.Box protected by password,security. COOL!

    Fix blacklist issue and you can block contact  from pop up directly now

    New skin,greeting for Chinese new year and update all exist skins

    Handcent plugin and skin support App2sd now

  • Ver 3.5.6 [ 2010-11-13 ]
  • New Smileys icons and you can  download more smileys plugin from market.Support personal smileys settings,so you can set different smileys for different friends.(System settings->Smileys settings) or (Personal settings->send message settings"->Smileys settings) COOL!

    Support send /receive/import vcard,quick and easy exchange contact info.Handcent add vcard capacity for all android phone. (attach->contact) COOL!

    Support Draft box,view drafts and continue it easily.View drafts and continue it easily COOL!

    Support download high resolution MMS automatic for TMobile UK,O2 UK

    Improve Mms support

    New Happy birthday eCard COOL!

  • Ver 3.5.2 [ 2010-10-28 ]
  • Fix a bug that happen at Handcent sms version 3.5.1 ,if you are using 3.5.1 ,please update.when you found message take too long to send or  message not refresh correctly ,update to version 3.5.2 will fix that

    Update translation

  • Ver 3.5.1 [ 2010-10-27 ]
  • Speed converstaion load and switch. COOL!

    Handcent Golden member service package,you can get all top level handcent services simply by this package. COOL!

    New chinese PinYing feature,support sort & search contact name by PinYin at any version of Android

    Imporve group sending

    Support search threads by contact name or phone numbe. COOL!

    Improve Mms send process

    Imporve support for Apex ROM,Desire HD and LG 540. COOL!

    Optimize for Android 2.3. COOL!

    Happy new year eCard

    Support big font size settings for input box at compose message window and pop up

    Improve download MMS automatic feature and add send confirm option

  • Ver 3.5 [ 2010-10-10 ]
  • New Spell check feature ,support multi languages COOL!

    New handcent Mms Plus services,help you send large size file by handcent network(for example: full picture without resize/Mp3 music/video) COOL!

    Handcent eCard,full custom,build your beautiful eCard for christmas & happy New Year COOL!

    Add More Skins (Download New Christmas skin package from market,search keyword "handcent skin").handcent christmas skin + handcent christmas theme will be prefect. COOL!

    Improve Mms support

    Add christmas & Happy new Year greeting

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