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  • Solve Facebook Android App Problem with Pictures and 3rd Party Access (ICS and above)  [ Go to top ]
  • The official Facebook app and Android ICS (and above) are not the “best friends”. The Facebook app syncs your Facebook contacts with your phone, but restricts the use of the contact pictures. No 3 party app can access them.

    This is a problem for Handcent. But there is a small and easy workaround:

    All you need is a App like:Friend Sync, Facebook Contact Sync, SyncMyPix or FriendCaster. For me (SGS2) Friend Sync works fine, a Droid user reported that SyncMyPix works for her. So you might need to test.

    The next move is to remove the current contact sync of the Facebook App. Go to “Settings” -> “Accounts and sync” and find the “Facebook” entry (you might have more than one – some phones have a build in sync function).

    Open the “Account” and remove the account – doing this will remove the already synced Facebook contacts from your contact database – necessary to avoid double entries!

    Now click on “Add account” and chose the installed app (in my case fsync Facebook. Run through the registration. The first synchronization might take some time! You might need to combine some of your existing contacts in the contact picker in order to “put” the m together.

    If you have done everything right, your loved contacts should have pictures in Handcent again.

    If not, check the contact (click the empty contact picture button) and see if the “facebook sync app” is part of the contact. This is one of the common issues. Otherwise just try another app.

  • How much does Handcent SMS cost?  [ Go to top ]
  • Handcent SMS is FREE and can be downloaded from the Market. Search for "Handcent" Download Handcent Keyboard for even more functionality.
  • The Soft keyboard is hard to type with, the letters are so small.  [ Go to top ]
  • You can simply rotate the phone to landscape mode and you will get a bigger keyboard.
  • How to make Handcent sms to my default sms software?  [ Go to top ]
  • You can disable Android notification system by following these steps:

    1.Launch the "messaging" ,click "menu" button on the phone.

    2.Select "settings" menu item and disable "Notifications".

    3.Check Handcent SMS option to turn on notifications. Now you will only receive one notification from a message.

  • How do I report force close errors to the developer?  [ Go to top ]
  • 1.Install app name as "ASTRO" from market.

    2.Launch it ,choose the directory "/sdcard".

    3.Find the file name as "com.handcent.nextsms-(version name).stack"(ex:"com.handcent.nextsms-2.9.2.stack").

    4.Long press the file,choose "send" and input the address "",it will help the developers to quickly fix force close issues.

  • How to use T9 & Handcent keyboard?  [ Go to top ]
  • Handcent Keyboard is IME(input method) application that supports predictive text (T9 input),you can install it from market and use it with Handcent SMS Handcent Keyboard can be enabled by ("System settings"->"Local & text"->"Handcent keyboard"), check this option to enable Handcent keyboard.
  • How to use speak sms?  [ Go to top ]
  • Speak sms need download a external application name "TTS Service",you can enable the speak sms function.
  • How to use Handcent font pack? How to apply external font packages to Handcent?  [ Go to top ]
  • First, Go To "Handcent Settings" Then "Custom Style Option",then you can choose "ConversationList Settings" to define fonts at handcent conversation list(main) window or "bubble settings"to define fonts at conversation window.

    Click "ConversationList Settings" Then Choose "Contact Font",Click "Font Pack" drop down list, And you will see a list.

    You Should see The Handcent Font pack(s),choose one of these packs,if you haven't installed it ,handcent will navigate you to the market and you can install it directly. after you have choosen font pack ,you can choose font at the packs and define the style ,size and so on

    You also can scan external font pack that you installed and apply them to handcent sms by going to "Custom Style" option and "Scan external Font packages"

  • What's blacklist & unblacklist ,how to use them?  [ Go to top ]
  • Blacklist blocks unwanted SMS messages without producing any notification (sound /light/popup) and hide these messages at handcent,it can block spam sms or hide messages for privacy (you can set password for blacklist)

    how to add people to blacklist:

    1. long press the thread of the people that you want to block

    2. choose "blacklist" at the context menu and confirm

    3. the thread will disappear (you can unblacklist it and view all block message later)

    how to add people to unblacklist:

    1. check the option ("settings"->"security & privacy"->"show black list" , handcent will ask for password if you set password before)

    2. return to handcent main window,you will find the blacklisted thread (people) shown and has grey background

    3. long press the thread that you want to unblacklist ,choose "unblacklist" at the context menu

  • How To Customize individual contacts? (ringtone,vibrate,background,signature...)  [ Go to top ]
  • Want To Cuztomize Indivdual contacts?Handcent SMSs provides so many features to customize, Like Notifications,Bubbles, and Signature.

    To change ringtone for individual contacts, go into the thread of the contact that you can to add ringtone. Once you have entered the thread go to the top right corner and press the "Personalization option". Then Press "Notification Settings". once you are in notification settings go to "Notification Sound" and press "Select Music". Afterwards, Defualt Ringtone, Then Select "Music" Then Select Your Track That You Want. and Then Press OK. and you have Just set a ringtone for a individual contact.

  • Market download stay at downloading,can't update or download,how to fix it?  [ Go to top ]
  • It's a market issue ,you can try to fix by go to "System settings"->"applications"-"manage applications"->"Market" (if you can't find market item,please click menu button at "manage applications window and choose filter to make it show"),then click "clear data" and reboot (power off /power on) ,download again
  • I can't delete a large thread,it show force close & wait,how to do?  [ Go to top ]
  • Force Delete feature will help you delete large threads without handcent force closing. Just follow the steps listed below and you will be done in no time!

    1. Long press the thread that you want to delete.

    2. You will get a pop-up, at the bottom you will see "Force delete" .

    3. Press it and you will get another pop-up, telling you that it will delete the entire thread. Press "Delete"

    4. You will get a notification up top , saying Handcent deletion. if you click it, it will cancel.

    5. Wait for it to finish, the larger the thread the longer it will take. It is recommend to delete the thread before you go go to sleep and let it do it while you sleep, if it is a large thread.

  • Account already bound to a device  [ Go to top ]
  • If you replace device or change sim card ,you need send an email from email that you register handcent online account to ,we will confirm and reset the bound for you.
  • Emoji setting [ Go to top ]
  • Because of restrictions from US network operators, there will be some issues that emoji messages could not send/receive when across a network (for example: AT&T->Verizon). So we recommend sending emoji via MMS. These tips can help to send emoiji via MMS between iPhone and Android users.
    1. Find " Settings " on your iPhone --> Messages --> turn on "MMS Messaging" and "Show Subject Field" options.

    2. Create a new message, input words in Subject Field, then insert emoji in edit box.

        If your iPhone was jailbroken, we suggest you install HandcentSMS iPhone version. Find "Settings" in HandcentSMS--> Send message settings--> turn on "Emoji encoding settings" option.

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